Our Members

SaskMusic (The Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association) is a member-based, non-profit corporation representing the four components of the music and sound recording industries and community of Saskatchewan:

  • Creation: songwriters, lyricists, composers, and writers/directors
  • Interpretation: musicians, vocalists, arrangers, conductors, and producers
  • Technical: sound engineers, stage hands, tour support staff, studios, and computer technologists
  • Administration and Delivery: managers, promoters, lawyers, marketing directors, record labels, music publishers, accountants, retail, media, venues, multi-media, agents, film and video producers, media duplicators, graphic artists, publicists, photographers, and distributors

SaskMusic (Website)

SMPIA is a provincial, member-based non-profit organization that is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Established in 1985, SMPIA represents all personnel related to the making and exhibiting of media productions from beginners to veteran professionals. SMPIA’s job is to be a catalyst for change, to facilitate interaction between people working in these media, and to help to create an environment that provides opportunities for the production, promotion and appreciation of media production in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (Website)

SaskInteractive represents the industry to policy makers, educators and consumers.

Their members are web designers, developers, programmers, digital storytellers, graphic designers, game developers, app developers, advertisers and other digital interactive and web-related professionals.

As that professional voice, SaskInteractive represents members involved in the development of content-based interactive digital media, as well as consumers and stakeholders. The Association acts on behalf of its members to represent their views to government, industry, the news media, and to the general public.

Their mission is to serve and support an entrepreneurial network of interactive producers, developers and designers.

Saskatchewan Interactive Media Association (Website)

CARFAC Sask is a non-profit, volunteer-based provincial cultural organization representing visual artists in Saskatchewan. They are affiliated nation with CARFAC National and the CARFAC copyright collective, and internationally with the International Association of Art

CARFAC (Website)

SaskGalleries (the Saskatchewan Professional Art Galleries Association) is a not-for-profit, member-based organization that represents Saskatchewan commercial art galleries who sell the art of local, national, and international artists, including more than 400 Saskatchewan artists.

SaskGalleries (Website)

Saskatchewan Craft Council boasts a membership of over 400 from all over the province and is seen as a leader among other provincial craft organizations. With a mandate to foster an environment where excellence in craft is nurtured, recognized and valued, and where Saskatchewan craftspeople flourish creatively and economically, the Saskatchewan Craft Council provides programming for members, students and the general public, professional development, market and export resources, mentorships and operates a public gallery and boutique dedicated to Fine Craft.

Saskatchewan Craft Council (Website)

Saskatchewan Publishers Group, also known as SaskBooks, is Saskatchewan’s provincial creative industry association for book publishers. SaskBooks doesn’t publish books. It’s a member-based not-for-profit association of book publishers operating in Saskatchewan. Most SaskBooks members are small, and independent businesses. Books published by members must have an ISBN registered to a Saskatchewan publisher or business. The creative economy in the publishing sector includes business models like academic and scholarly publishers, literary presses, hybrid presses, self-publishers, and niche publishers. SaskBooks provides programs and services to its publisher members, including professional development, promotion and marketing projects, research, and support. SaskBooks is a champion for the book publishing sector in the province.

SaskBooks (Website)

Dance Saskatchewan is a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of dance. Their purpose is to preserve, promote, and represent dance in Saskatchewan, to support and enhance the development of all dance forms, and to educate about and encourage a passion for dance.  They operate a multidisciplinary centre that focuses on dance, integrates related art forms, and provides expanded opportunities in a wellness environment.

Dance Saskatchewan (Website)

The Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals (SATP) supports the development, creative practices and productions of professional theatre.

Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals (Website)