The Association of Creative Industries of Saskatchewan (ACIS) is a member-based non-profit organization that represents creative industries in Saskatchewan.

ACIS members meet 4 – 6 times a year to share industry developments, exchange ideas, plan joint activities and to work on strategies to improve and grow the creative economy.

ACIS regularly engages with key stakeholders to keep them apprised of industry news, trends and developments.

Promotion of creative industry events, jobs and entrepreneurial skills advancement is a priority for ACIS.

Vision:  ACIS aims to cultivate a vibrant, healthy creative economy.

Mission:  A collaborative forum to influence the development and growth of the creative economy by mobilizing knowledge, expertise, and idea exchange.


  • To expand our connections
  • To create a knowledge environment
  • To provide clear and consistent messaging
  • To be recognized and respected as valuable organization
  • To increase our operational capacity






The Association of Creative Industries of Saskatchewan appreciates the funding and support generously provided by SaskCulture.

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